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Emotions are ephemeral. We may respond profoundly to a song one day and not much at all another day. Similarly, talking about an emotional response that occurred hours or days ago will often have little emotional impact. Capturing in words the live emotional response, in the moment, can resonate through many levels of understanding and create change. While I will respond to you in many ways, one important aspect of my work is my focus on this moment-to-moment response. These are moments when your unconsious emotional life is peeking into the conscious world, when it is available for conscious, emotional thinking. In this way, we can discover what had previously been unquestioned beliefs and patterns of emotional thoughts and responses. Then there will be opportunity for you to form a new perspective and find a better way. As you learn from our therapeutic relationship, you will build new emotional strengths. Gradually, you will feel more capable to withstand the suffering of life. Gradually, what you fear are giant storms outside of your control transform into ordinary, tolerable, human experiences.










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