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We are complicated. Our feelings and thoughts flow in complex currents. They interact with each other, sometimes creating storms, sometimes eddies, sometimes the warmth of a summer day. Compounding this complexity, most of our thoughts and feelings are unconscious. We are not explicitly aware of them. This is why we find ourselves behaving in ways that baffle us, that seem illogical or self-destructive. This is why advice often does not work. We are often not emotionally prepared to adopt such reasonable advice when they are given. We are not as influenced by logical thought as we may wish. Instead, much of our behavior is the result of these emotional thoughts. Most of them, with years of repetition, have formed beliefs that, like the courses of rivers, are difficult to change. Emotional thinking is difficult to capture in conscious, logical words. Artists use this type of thinking. We appreciate their works of art with emotional thinking. Yet, because emotional thinking is the fountain of our behaviors, it is the focus of my work with you in psychotherapy.






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