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Welcome. I hope that this website gives you a good introduction to who I am as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and will help you decide whether I am right for you. 

My office is located in Milpitas. Since 1995 I practiced individual psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy, helping adults feel better. I value empathy and strive to provide a safe and caring setting, where you may learn, grow, and overcome your personal challenges.

I treat many problems. Ultimately, I am interested in helping you

  • Build better self-esteem
  • Feel emotionally stronger and livelier
  • Form more satisfying relationships
  • Cope with life challenges better
  • Achieve your life goals


People seek emotional help for various reasons. Perhaps you are having difficulty finding a mate. Perhaps you are having trouble sustaining an important relationship. Despite the best intentions, you find yourself repeating painful behaviors toward your children, spouse, friends, and colleagues. You may feel stuck or blocked. Something is impeding your creativity. Your work is suffering, or your goals seem out-of-reach. You may feel depressed, worried, anxious, fearful, resentful, or angry. You may feel disengaged, numbed, empty, distracted, or unmotivated. Your mood fluctuates too greatly, or you over-react too often. You are having trouble making sense of your past or finding meaning in your life. You may feel too inhibited or too shy. You might be trying to cope with trauma or loss. Safety seems lacking, and you cannot trust.


I recognize that it is difficult to seek help for issues that feel so overwhelming and that so intimately define you as a person. I recognize your bravery in seeking this help. Perhaps you have tried the self-help books. You might have received advice from friends and family. You might even have sought help from another psychotherapist. Yet, somehow, you have not been able to take their good advice and follow through. Even if there was improvement, it was not lasting. You are beginning to suspect some force within that is blocking you from using the advice you have sought. Something within is preventing you from fully developing and enjoying the gift of your life. 



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